Recently people have started to entertain ideas like ghosts and Bigfoot and even UFOs and as a result pop culture has exploded with the idea. From it spawned shows, movies, books, and even video games, all playing with the idea that there is something beyond science, maybe even beyond logic. Because of all this sudden popularity with the unexplained, there are now many people looking for answers as to what all this really is, could visitors from other planets really visit? Could a prehistoric reptile survive in a Scottish lake? Could there be spirits of the dead who remain among us?

Welcome to Paranormal101, a blog dedicated to getting accurate information and eyewitness accounts pertaining the paranormal to those who are interested in the unexplained and unsolved. I look at all parts of the paranormal and work to explain the complex phenomenons within. There are five categories which each post will be labeled within, they are:

  1. Cryptozoology- the study of animals which science doesn’t recognize, like Bigfoot
  2. Parapsychology- the study of psychic abilities and related phenomena
  3. Occultism- the study of occult practices, including magic, demonology, and some religious ideals
  4. Fortean- the study of things which are largely ignored by science like the raining of unusual objects and unexplained disappearances
  5. Ufology- the study of unidentified flying objects and related phenomena

I hope in writing this blog I inspire some to look further into the paranormal and all its subtle complexities that fascinates so many.